Question : Is triund trek difficult ?

Answer : Triund trek can be described as a tranquil trek which can be easily accomplished by almost all age groups . Triund has an unambiguous byway which goes through a beautiful mixed forest of oak, deodar and rhododendron . Trek is fairly easy for the first five kilometers but the last one kilometer may require a bit of toil , the last one kilometer is popularly know as the “22 curves” as it has 22 tiring curves before you finally reach Triund .

Question : Is triund trek worth visiting?

Answer : Yes triund is worth visiting . The traipse is worth it as the panorama when you reach triund is awe-inspiring and exhilarating .Triund is come-at-able for most part of the year except for when the byway to triund is cut off by heavy snowfall in the months of January and February .

Question : What is the best time for triund trek ?

Answer : Best time for triund trek is from late February to early June and from late September to December .

Question : Do you need a guide for triund trek .

Answer : Yes you should hire a registered professional guide for triund trek as local guides can be very helpful in informing you about the place , guide you through various trails in the hills . They inform you about the do's and don't of the place .

Question : Is camping allowed at triund top.

Answer : Most of the area of triund comes under Forest department , camping is not allowed on forest department land . There are a few private areas at triund top where camping is allowed , once such place is Triund Mountain Lodge and Camps .

Question : Is Electricity available at triund.

Answer : There is no power line in Triund . If you plan a trek you should carry your power banks .

Question : Is water available at triund .

Answer : There is now source of water at triund .

Question : Are washrooms available at triund .

Answer : Yes washrooms are available at triund , one such place is Triund Mountain Lodge and Camps.